Life is a weird thing, the moments that we have right now will soon just be memories without you or me realizing. Each day we live our lives, we feel the same, we act the same, but when we look back, one year, two years from now, things are totally different.

We cease to be the same person we were before as time goes by.

Nostalgia is a sad thing, we feel happy just remembering the past, we often forget that we live in the present. One reason why we feel nostalgic is that we are, more often than not, not content with our present situation. It could be work, love, friends, family, career, different factors affect how we think and how we feel.

Personally, I feel exactly like this. At my age, I have experienced different situations that only I could experience. I was happy, sad, in love, afraid, embarrassed, shy, nervous, excited, nostalgic, pressured, alone, lonely, desperate, and nonchalant. Different things have affected me, different things made me who I am today, and life is not over yet. I always look forward to having good things come to me.

I still believe that someday, somehow, things will fall into the right place and I will look back at all these hardships, laughing, while drinking a hot beverage over the table on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

I like that. I like imagining things that I am not even sure will ever happen. I guess it makes me feel easy, even for just a little bit. I am able to live the life that I would want to live, even just in my imagination.



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