I wish I was a cloud. Floating above, doing nothing, so relaxing. So white, so pure.

Why is life so hard? What is life? What is real? What is the present? Why do I exist? Why me?

Why do I feel what I feel? Why do I not feel what I want to feel? What is happening? What is real?

What is it that I want to do? What is it that makes me unsatisfied? What makes me sad?

Every inch of my body is telling me that I am more capable of doing something great.

I feel stuck, I feel like I cannot do anything. I feel like I have no one to blame but myself.

Am I a nice person? Or am I stupid? I must be stupid. Is being stupid bad? In a world where intelligence is a trend, probably it is bad.

I feel stuck. What do I want to do? How do I get unstuck?

Where do I go? What do I do to get to where I want to go? Where do I want to go? Why do I have so many questions? 


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