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Do you want to be someone’s worker forever?office-worker-dreaming-28145893

1,440 minutes, that’s all we have in a day. Some people choose to learn a new skill, some decide to be a professional couch hound, and some are productive citizens who work their bodies off for eight hours, every single day of their lives until they reach their retirement age. How exciting…Not!

Everyone is aspiring to do something, to be something, to be with someone and to create something.

I’m here to tell you that you can, and I believe in you.

If you are a regular person working in a regular company doing regular things and living a regular life, there is nothing wrong with that as long as being regular is what you want in life.

However, if you know that you are not doing what you think you should be doing, then you need to get up right now and leave whatever it is you’re doing. FAST!

Majority of us were taught that as long as you have a decent-paying job, your bills are paid, everyone gets to eat, you get to buy the newest smartphone with virtual reality capabilities, then you are winning in life. That’s true, if by “winning” means you get to be just like everyone else is, you kill your passion in life and bury it deep where your hopes and dreams lie. People fail to realize that by doing so, we are exposing ourselves to clinical depression, anxiety, mood swings and bipolar tendencies to some extent. It is never too late to start doing something, that for once, will make you happy, on a deeper level.

It’s time to make the real you happy.

Let’s go through the day of George, an average man working an eight-hour shift every day.

He gets up at six in the morning to get ready for work.
He takes off to ride his public transport, the traffic is terrible in the morning (it always is) so it eats one hour.
He arrives at work at eight and start doing his business until the end of his shift at five in the afternoon.
After a hard day’s work, George is feeling tired but accomplished. He was able to finish his shift just like another normal day and he gets ready to go home.
George gets home at 6:30 pm feeling exhausted, of course he sits down and checks the latest news on his Facebook feed, he wouldn’t want to miss the hot news.
He was having fun chatting with his friends on Messenger and sending hearts on relatable posts on Instagram, he never realized it’s almost 9 pm.
He gets up to have dinner, talk a little with his family, take a shower and head to bed. Another day has passed and tomorrow awaits George.


Wait what? This sounds familiar? Of course.





Whether we admit or not, this is you, me, us. This is us. We are George. This has become the normal situation of every person’s life.


Instead of working on that business idea you had a long time ago, you watch Game of Thrones because a new season just came out.


Instead of polishing up your skill to score a better job, you post statuses online saying how much you hate your job.

This is all a waste of time.

Here are the things that can remind you to get back on track:
1. If you want something, do it.
2. If you do not act on it, somebody else will, and you’re going to spend the rest of your life living with regrets.
3. Everyone is given the same amount of time and we all spend it differently. Spend yours sensibly.
4. Know your priorities. Not pursuing your goal is a clear sign that you prioritize being stagnant and unhappy.
5. Self-improvement is the best gift you can give to yourself. You’ve been thinking of learning Japanese? Do you know when the best time to start is? NOW.


Now is always the best time.


The more you spend your days not being productive, the more you are living a life of stress. However, I am sure you know that you are more than that. Every day, make it a point to do something that will differ from the day before that, and the day after that. Start working on that business you have been thinking about for so long. Start working on that art portfolio that has been on your table for two years. Start writing that blog you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Start now.


After reading this post, I hope you are now fired up to begin living a life full of productivity and conviction.





4 am


Life is a weird thing, the moments that we have right now will soon just be memories without you or me realizing. Each day we live our lives, we feel the same, we act the same, but when we look back, one year, two years from now, things are totally different.

We cease to be the same person we were before as time goes by.

Nostalgia is a sad thing, we feel happy just remembering the past, we often forget that we live in the present. One reason why we feel nostalgic is that we are, more often than not, not content with our present situation. It could be work, love, friends, family, career, different factors affect how we think and how we feel.

Personally, I feel exactly like this. At my age, I have experienced different situations that only I could experience. I was happy, sad, in love, afraid, embarrassed, shy, nervous, excited, nostalgic, pressured, alone, lonely, desperate, and nonchalant. Different things have affected me, different things made me who I am today, and life is not over yet. I always look forward to having good things come to me.

I still believe that someday, somehow, things will fall into the right place and I will look back at all these hardships, laughing, while drinking a hot beverage over the table on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

I like that. I like imagining things that I am not even sure will ever happen. I guess it makes me feel easy, even for just a little bit. I am able to live the life that I would want to live, even just in my imagination.


Denial and Life

We deny because we are doubtful.

We are doubtful because we trust too much.

We trust too much because we know how to love.

We love because we feel appreciated.

We feel appreciated because we long for approval.

We long for approval because we want to stay relevant.

We want to stay relevant because we are alive.

We are alive and we need to find a purpose for it.

We need purpose to reassure us that we matter in this vast and crowded world.

Reassurance makes us feel alive. Being alive means our existence is not futile.  

And when the reason for our existence makes an unexpected overturn, we lose our sense of purpose.

When we lose our sense of purpose, we lose the feeling of existing.

That is why people deny.




I can’t believe how fast the time goes.

It is as though it’s being pulled.

I am being pulled.

Pulled into uncertainty, into the abyss that is waiting for me.

What waits for me?

What will I see upon heading towards tomorrow?

I do not know.

I am afraid to know.

I shall cross it when it has led itself to me.

Ignorance is bliss truly.

Confessions of a Failure


I feel like if I don’t act now, I will not get what I want. If I don’t do what I have to do, I will not get satisfaction.  I feel like instead of growing up, I am lowering down.

I haven’t changed.

I have been stuck. Maybe at the back of my mind, I want it to be this way, maybe because the idea of stability calms me. I love the idea of having something to do for a long period of time, something that gives me an essence of significance, that I can do something, and do it well. I know and I am aware that I have to grow,

I cannot stay the way that I am, if I am not content with my life, the only logical way is to change something about it. What I lack is courage. I am not the bravest person. I need to have more confidence. I keep on telling people to believe in themselves, perhaps those are the exact words that I want to hear someone tell me. I am never used to asking anyone for help. I haven’t opened up to anybody about my worries, what upsets me.

I always felt like I can fix my problems, I can realize what I have to do and do it. Sometimes, I take a lot of time to do things, but I have proven in the past that I can be what I want to be if I try hard enough. That’s what I need, to try something. I need to take dangerous risks.

The path to greatness is always filled with failures.

Life is not a box of chocolates. I would have to work myself out to buy those boxes of happiness. I need someone to believe in me. I want someone to tell me “You can do that!” “You are great!” “You are awesome!” I need someone to tell me that it’s okay to be me. That I don’t have to be someone I’m not. That I’m different, and that’s okay.

I feel stressed, I feel suffocated, I feel trapped, I want to shout all my woes away.  I want to run, far. I want to scream my lungs out. I want to be able to look at the bright afternoon sky and say I’m happy. I want to feel proud. I want to feel accomplished. I want to stop dreaming of becoming what I’m not. I want to be me, I want to be happy to be who I am.

I wish I was a cloud


I wish I was a cloud. Floating above, doing nothing, so relaxing. So white, so pure.

Why is life so hard? What is life? What is real? What is the present? Why do I exist? Why me?

Why do I feel what I feel? Why do I not feel what I want to feel? What is happening? What is real?

What is it that I want to do? What is it that makes me unsatisfied? What makes me sad?

Every inch of my body is telling me that I am more capable of doing something great.

I feel stuck, I feel like I cannot do anything. I feel like I have no one to blame but myself.

Am I a nice person? Or am I stupid? I must be stupid. Is being stupid bad? In a world where intelligence is a trend, probably it is bad.

I feel stuck. What do I want to do? How do I get unstuck?

Where do I go? What do I do to get to where I want to go? Where do I want to go? Why do I have so many questions? 

Life: Start

I started this blog so I can express my thoughts and feelings. It is never healthy to suppress our emotions and writing has become a way for me to relieve myself from suffocating ideas.